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DelRay Towers'

Posh Pets of the Month!


Abe (PTOM May) DRT.jpg

May's Winner-Abe

 Abe loves running through tall grass, stalking squirrels, playing with his friends, and most importantly, playing fetch.  Abe is still pretty terrified of new dogs and new people, but once he knows you're OK, you've got a best buddy for life!  Abe apologies to all his future friends if he scared you in the elevator or at the dog park gate.  You can follow Abe on Instagram!

Rosiee (DRT).jpg

June's Winner-Rosie

Rosie is the best! She is so sweet and friends with all of our neighbors. She loves to make new friends and has never met a stranger. She loves to greet new and old friends each day! She is also the cutest pug! Follow Rosie on Instagram!

FB8277D9-0286-44B2-B384-898C4490D975 (2).jpeg

July's Winner-Raleigh

Raleigh is a sweet and loving monster, big sister, and best friend. Her favorite things to do are talk to people and her little brother (Durham, he's the smaller spotted one in the picture), shred rubber toys, and cuddle her mom. She comes off a little shy, but once you get to know her she'll love you and remember you forever. 

Follow them on Instagram!


August's Winners- Zoe and Paco

Zoe and Paco are both right around 2 years old. They recently just moved all the way from Florida after moving to Texas for a deployment. Now here at Del Ray Tower they have made the transition into loving the dog park here and meeting so many new dogs and awesome people. Paco and Zoe are bffs and when they aren't cuddling they are at the dog park chasing toys! You can follow their adventures on Instagram! 

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