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Finding Dependable Dog Care for Your Holiday Travels

Are you heading out of town for the holidays? Not quite sure what to do with your pets? It’s not always possible or convenient to bring your fur babies on trips, so it’s important to find dependable, affordable care to keep them safe and give you peace of mind. So, if you are taking a pet-free trip during the holidays, here are some tips for finding petcare and making sure your four legged friends is safe while you are away.

Find Someone You Can Really Trust

The first tip would be to start looking for a sitter ASAP! If you’re anything like me, the idea of having your pet in a kennel for any amount of time breaks your heart. This is where an in home pet care service like Posh Pets can be the perfect solution. Your furry friend can remain in the comfort of their home which will minimize their stress and enable them to maintain their regular schedule and give you peace of mind. It is highly recommended that you do your research ahead of time, be sure to check for accreditations and always do a trial run before you head out of town. You want to make ensure that you (and more importantly your pet) “click” with the pet care provider. In addition to ensuring your pet’s comfort, in hiring an in-home sitter, you are also automatically getting a house sitter while you are away. Not only will a service like Posh Pets give your pets lots of love, attention, care and TLC, but they will also take care of things like bringing in your mail, watering your plants, etc.

Keep Your Dog Safe with Your Sitter

Whether you choose to board your dog or have someone stay in your home, you’ll need to take some precautionary steps to give yourself peace of mind and ensure your pet is well cared for. If you are hiring a sitter to watch your dog, make sure you leave a list of care instructions for your sitter before you leave. Posh Pets provides clients with a detailed questionnaire and does a complimentary visit in preparation for in-home pet sittings so that their clients can walk them through everything.

In putting together your list, you will want to include things like feeding amounts, any medications that need to be given, how many walks your dog needs, and any other special care steps you take with your pet. You should also leave some emergency contact information, just in case your furry friend gets into trouble. It’s typically a good idea to leave the phone number and address of your current vet, as well as the closest emergency vet clinic. Also, think about designating someone local to be a care contact for your dog. It could be your in-laws or your best friend, but just make sure you have someone you trust who can make decisions for your dog if you are not available.

Does your home have a fence surrounding it so your sitter can let them out in your yard? A fenced-in yard is perfect for an active dog. Discuss your options with a local fencing contractor. You can find installers by searching for “fence contractors near me” and looking over ratings and customer testimonials. Wood and chain-link fencing is considerably cheaper than other installation options.

Having a caring, compassionate sitter or boarding facility to care for your dog can make your holiday travels much less stressful. By doing your homework and taking steps to ensure your dog’s comfort and safety, you can spend less time on your trip worrying about your pet and more time enjoying the holiday season. Plus, you’ll be less likely to stress out your dog, so make the right moves when it comes to finding care for your pup!


About the Author A lifelong pet owner and animal advocate, Penny Martin dedicates her time to educating folks on the proper treatment of pets, recognizing signs of abuse and is a resource in helping find pets find forever homes. For further information, you can connect with Penny at Furever Friend.

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