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Simon Belvedere Roach, son of Ryan R. & Max P., may look familiar to some of you as he’s a big fan of exploring the outdoors on his harness. Besides dreaming of being an outdoor cat, his other hobbies include supervising in the kitchen, playing fetch, & Instagram modeling. You can follow him @simplysimonthecat to keep up with him. He just celebrated his 3rd birthday & thinks 2020 has been the best year yet considering mom & dad are home more with him.



This is my pup, Toby. He is a 9-year-old rescue dog who has been with me since he was only 7-weeks old. I adopted him from a South Carolina shelter in the summer of 2012, going into my senior year at Clemson. I had begun to suffer from severe OCD and Anxiety that summer, but his presence in my life helped me to survive it & continues to do so every single day. Our bond is immeasurable & our love unconditional. He is loving, silly, & adventurous. I would be lost without him. 



Sweetie is a 4.5-month-old Labrador retriever.  She loves playing with other dogs who live at The Madison and lounging in the grass outside.  She is proud of her ability to learn new things every day and her favorite color is pink.

Sweetie Madison August.jpg


 This is Lionel! He’s a 3-year-old rescue from Baltimore, MD who honestly rescued his human, Angie O. He’s more like a dog than a cat; he loves to walk on a leash outside, plays with dogs, loves treats/pizza/biscuits, plays fetch, & drinks from the toilet. 😆 His purr is so loud, & he gives human hugs. Even people who hate cats end up loving this little wild boy.  

Madison POTM Sept 2021.jpg


His name is Maui T. He is 10 years old, beagle/lab mix. He was born in Bristol, VA, and he has been with us since he was three months old. He loves his daily walks around the apartment building & sometimes plays with his sister at the small dog park. He loves to fetch ball at the Shirlington Dog Park too! Maui is named after the demigod of Hawaii because he's strong & has a great personality :-) 

thumbnail_Madison Pet of the Month Oct 2021_edited.jpg


My name is Romeo. I am originally from Medellin, Colombia but I have been living in Arlington, Virginia for over 7 months. I love my community & all my new friendships! When I am not sleeping, which is most of the time, I like to eat & take walks when the weather is not too hot. 

The Madison November 2021 POTM.jpg


Hi everyone, I'm Bigby! I'm a 6-year-old Lab/German Shepherd mix & I moved to the Madison in August. I love playing ball, eating cheese, & napping on the couch. I have a big bark, but the truth is, I'm just a big baby. I love people, so don't hesitate to come pet me if you see me around!

The Madison POTM Dec 2021.jpg


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