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Pet Sittings and Overnights

Customized Pet Sittings

Pet Sitting (15 mins)-  $25

Pet Sitting (30 mins)- $33

Pet Sitting (45 mins)-  $41

Hourly-  $50/hour

Traveling but don't need an overnight stay? Our Posh Professional will come to your home for multiple  visits and check on your furry friends. Visits include potty breaks for your canine companions, playtime, and food and water replenishment for all of your pets.

Overnight Pet Sittings

Overnight stays are $125 per night.

A Posh Professional will check into your house in the evening and spend the night with your pet to give them that feeling of normalcy. Overnight stays include evening and morning walks and feedings, plant watering, and lots of love throughout the visit.  Additional pet fees apply.

Kitten and basset hound puppy sleeping together. isolated on white background

Mid-day Sleepover Check-In

(15 mins)- $18.70
A quick mid-day return to your home for a walk around the block and some play time. 

(30 mins)- $25.50
A more extended play date with plenty of exercise and love.

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