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Posh Pets


Services & Rates

Posh Pets

The Cat's Meow

Cat Sitting
(15 mins) - $22

While cats may be independent, they still miss you when you’re gone. Our 15 minute visits include play time for social cats, litter scooping, and ensuring that their water and food bowls are topped off. We’re even happy to play customized music for your cat on your personal assistant device if they’d like some relaxing ambiance.

Cat Sitting

(30 mins)- $30

Geared towards more social cats, our 30-minute cat sitting includes extra play time for your feline friend, with plenty of love and attention given by one of our cat loving Posh Professionals.



Posh Pets

Frolicking with Fido

Dog Walk
(15 mins) - $22

For a quick trip around the block, our 15-minute walk gives your dog enough time to get some fresh air and “take care of business.” Our Posh Professionals will ensure that your pet has fresh water at home upon their return and that your pet enjoys a bottled water break during summer walks.

Dog Walk (15 min)- five + walks per week- $18.70

Dog Walk

(30 mins) - $30

Ideal for energetic dogs who need more activity, our 30-minute walks offer additional time for playing fetch, cuddling, or just more exploring your neighborhood.

Dog Walk (30 mins)- five + walks per week - $25.50


Dog Walk

(45 mins) - $38

The perfect way to wear out your pooch, our 45-minute walks include lots of extra love and exercise.

Dog Walk (45 mins) - five + walks per week- $32.30

Dog Walk

(60 mins) - $45

Extra long option for dogs who love to hike, explore, and get lots of play time.  

Dog Walk (60 mins) - five + walks per week- $38.25

Posh Pets

Slumber Parties and Blended Pet Sittings

Customized Pet Sittings

Pet Sitting (15 mins)-  $25

Pet Sitting (30 mins)- $33

Pet Sitting (45 mins)-  $41

Hourly-  $50/hour

Traveling but don't need an overnight stay? Our Posh Professional will come to your home for multiple  visits and check on your furry friends. Visits include potty breaks for your canine companions, playtime, and food and water replenishment for all of your pets.

Overnight Slumber Party

Overnight stays are $125 per night.

A Posh Professional will check into your house between 6:30-8:30pm and spend the night with your pet to give them that feeling of normalcy. Overnight stays include evening and morning walks and meals, plant watering, and lots of love! 

Mid-day Sleepover Check-In

(15 mins)- $18.70

A quick mid-day return to your home for a walk around the block and some play time.


Mid- day Sleepover Check-In

(30 mins)- $25.50

A more extended play date with plenty of exercise and love.

Posh Pets

Concierge Pet Services

Pet Taxi

$35 base, $0.50 per minute wait/drive time.

Posh Pets provides door to door chauffeur service so that you don’t have to plan your day around your pet’s vet or grooming services. Your loved one will travel in air-conditioned comfort, using their own travel equipment (crate or harness) that they are most comfortable with. Must be booked 48 hours in advance.

House Check


Even if you’re out of town with your furry friends, we’re still here for you. One of our Posh Professionals would be happy to check on your home, water your plants, turn on/off lights, or bring in the mail. It’s a great way to keep your house in order while you’re out enjoying life!


Pill Administration surcharge


Pill Administration surcharge-A Posh Professional will administer oral medication for your pet during their scheduled walk/play time for $5.

Key Lockout Service


If you’ve lost your keys or have gotten locked out of your home, we’re happy to help you get back inside. For a ($50-75) fee, we’ll drive to your home and deliver your walker’s key to you. This service is based upon availability.

Key Pick-Up or Delivery


Posh Pets is fully licensed and bonded and not only maintains a signed key release for every key received, but keeps client keys in a secured lockbox  in our office.  If you’d prefer to keep your keys after a Pet Sitting or return them at a time that does not coincide with a scheduled service, a $10 fee will apply for pick up or drop offs.

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