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This is Frida Kahlo. Frida is a 10-year-old Shih Tzu who recently lost her litter mate Fergie. Frida is very smart & well behaved. She loves to play fetch with owner Bronna S. & she has a ton of toys. She will bury them under her blanket & the roll on them. Frida knows I keep new toys in plastic bags in the closet. She will often stand by the closet door & whimper for a new toy. She knows she is loved, & we feel her love of us.



Ben is a 2-year-old Sheepadoodle. He is a sheepdog & poodle mix. When he was a puppy, he was black and white, he has grayed over the last year. Ben loves the dog park, chasing balls, long walks through old town, long naps on the couch, & watching football and rugby on television with his dad, Chris W. 




Leia loves lap naps, meditating next to her automatic feeder, & attacking mommy's ankles when she gets the zoomies. She lives with her parents, Ashley H. & Matt B. 



My name is Daisy. I am a 6-year-old lab mix. My whole world revolves around my Daddy.  I love to hunt squirrels. My life’s dream is to one day finally catch one. 

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Hi, my name’s Rudy (it means “ginger” in Polish)! I’m an orange & white cat from Doha, Qatar! I was rescued off the streets & flew halfway around the world to be placed with a local Virginia nonprofit. This is where I met my humans, Kevin & Jessica, who welcomed me home! I’m still exploring the place & finding new napping spots... like the inside of their bed box spring (see my selfie below!). I really like watching the birds out the window & chasing that oh-so-elusive laser dot. 

thumbnail_image001 (3).jpg



A pair of Pipers. These buddies met in Colorado. They enjoyed each other's company so much they decided to move to DC together. These cute doggos belong to Joe & Jessica L. 




Hi! My name is Purrsephone & I'm a rescue cat from King Street Cats. I was adopted about a year ago by Eden O. & Andrew R., & have settled in nicely here at the Meridian. I love to eat (wet food is my fav), sleep, hunt the birds outside my window & wake my parents by walking over them in the middle of the night. Keep cool & have a great summer!

Purrsephone Braddock August_edited.jpg



Bennie the Corgi just moved to the Meridian at Braddock from the Meridian at Gallery Place with Kat H. & José L. Bennie was born on Christmas Day 2020 & joined his forever home on Valentine’s Day 2021. He loves chasing balls (but not bringing them back), herding dogs in the dog park, & puppy-watching out the sunroom windows. If you see Bennie in the wild, he’d much rather play with owners over their pets. 

Braddock POTM Sept 2021.jpg



 Finn is 5-month-old Sheepadoodle. He loves the Meridian dog park, playing & yapping with all his puppy friends, & doing all the things dogs love to do as puppies. One neat “trick” Finn has learned is to ring a bell when he needs to go out. He really enjoys Old Town, people watching, & kayaking the river with his human parents, including Christopher W.

MBS POTM OCT 2021.jpg



This is Bean. Bean was rescued through Pets Bring Joy Virginia. He is addicted to belly rubs & being held like a human baby. When he is very excited, he will grab you by the arm & lick you until you let go. Bean is weird. Bean is loud. Bean is the best cat in the world. 

MBS November 2021 POTM.jpg



 Gonzo is new to Alexandria after spending the last four years out in California with Jake W. His main interests include cross-country road trips, chasing squirrels, back rubs & long walks on the beach. He loves the dog park & is excited to meet the other dogs in the complex! 

MBS POTM Dec 2021.jpg


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