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This is Sir Wolfington, Lord of the Manor! His Mommy is Fay D. He’s a loveable, spirited, & a little bit of a shy doggie

Sir Wolfington MES August.jpg


Riley P., 47 years old (7). Ball chaser, NPR listener, squeaker slayer, and bacon aficionado. She is passionate about hiking and squirrel chasing. A documentary film enthusiast but rarely stays awake to finish one. She tries her best to be friendly and kind but does have trust issues stemming from people “pretending” to throw the ball.  Please feel free to say “hi”, she may just return the favor. 

Eisenhower POTM Sept 2021.jpg



Jasmine is super friendly--she's already made friends with lots of her new neighbors! She is mostly Cattle Dog (four years old) & true to her nature, she loves to run in open fields, & gets excited seeing cows & sheep! Jasmine also loves to hike with her dad, Chris. P., (since she was three months old!), meet new people & dogs, play frisbee, fetch & carry big sticks around, chase squirrels, go to work with her dad, &, of course, take naps. Thanks for considering Jasmine-but, in any case, she is loving her new home (me, too!) and loves her new friends here!


MES Pet of the Month Oct 2021_edited.jpg

Pepper is a 9-year-old Shitzu (63). She is very friendly around people and kids; she tries to say hi to other dogs & puppies, but she can be touchy sometimes. She likes to take walk to see if anyone will come up to pet her. Feel free to say hi she is always looking forward to it! 

MES November 2021 POTM.jpg


Connor has been with Karen S. 15 years, spreading joy, love & healing! “We got Connor a few months after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He kept me from dwelling on the diagnosis by being his puppy-self. He needed to be walked, played with, & trained. That left me very little time to feel sorry for myself. I say he is my fur-covered angel!” Even though he's a senior dog now, he still loves a good game of frisbee or fetch! 

MES POTM Dec 2021.jpg


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