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Apps for Nervous First-Time Dog Owners

So you have a new four legged family member? Congratulations! You’re both embarking on a new life adventure together and it's a beautiful thing! If this is your first pet, however, you may have a lot of questions and concerns. Did your dog just get into your candy stash? Have they been developing an itchy rash on their belly? Does your pup seem sensitive to sounds or foods? These are a few situations that every first-time dog owner must tackle. Fortunately, your dog's health is no longer a mystery that first-timers must guess at, worry over, and call the vet about. Here are some app that can help guide you and help you prepare for you new companion.

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

The American Red Cross thinks of everything, including a health app for your pets. They've actually made a variety of health apps with Pet First Aid as part of a helpful mobile suite. The Pet First Aid app offers a wealth of information on what your pets should and shouldn't eat, what behaviors and symptoms indicate trouble, and advice on how to respond in a smart and supportive way. There's even a library of "how-to" pet owner videos, instructions for emergencies, and connection to the nearest emergency vet should you have reason to worry.

APCC Mobile—Animal Poison Control Center App

APCC stands for the Animal Poison Control Center. The APCC app has a similar focus to PupTox with a different library of facts and a few extra tools and guidelines. One of those tools is a severity scale, helping you calculate whether the amount of, let's say chocolate, your dog has eaten is poisonous to them or if you should just wait out indigestion.

Most importantly, the APCC mobile app has a one-touch speed dial for the ASPCA animal poison control center for emergency dog poisoning services.

FitBark—Pet Fitness and Health Tracker

By far, the FitBark is the coolest and most high-tech of dog health "apps" on the market. While it lacks a GPS (weird oversight), it does clip right to the collar to give you awesome insights into your dog's health and wellness. The pair-with-your-smartwatch fitness goals are actually the shiny icing on the cake. The real value of the FitBark is that it can tell you if your dog is anxious, in pain, itchy, and other physical states that we've just had to guess about in the past.

The FitBark will tell you, for sure, whether your dog is in pain or just sad. It will tell you if your dog was restless and anxious while you were gone or just really happy to see you. The coolest part? It'll tell you in real-time through the mobile app.

Pawprint—Pet Medical Records

Finally, Pawprint is the app you need if and when you do have to go to the vet. No one likes hauling around a bulky folder full of medical records and seeing that folder get ever-thicker with each checkup or minor visit. Pawprint takes your dog's medical records into the digital world and makes sure you can reach them—on the cloud—no matter where you are. So even if you have to visit the vet on a road trip with your dog far from your manila folder, you'll have those records at-hand.

Evernote—All-in-One Productivity

If you’re a first-time dog owner who’s also working from home, it can be difficult to keep track of everything that’s required of you on a daily basis. The Evernote app is one of many useful apps available to keep your schedule sorted. Its to-do lists and notetaking features make it easy to stay on top of the daily needs of both you and your dog.

Taking good care of a new dog has never been easier. With the right phone, the right apps, and the right questions you’ll never question your dog’s health and safety. And that is a big part of what being a great dog owner is all about. And of course, if you're looking for signature, upscale pet care services in Northern Virginia - make sure to contact. Posh Pets Learn about their services and rates by emailing them at


About The Author A lifelong pet owner and animal advocate, Penny Martin dedicates her time to educating folks on the proper treatment of pets, recognizing signs of abuse and is a resource in helping find pets find forever homes. For further information, you can connect with Penny at Furever Friend.

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