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Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise?

I don’t know about you, but from Covid quarantining to hunkering down on the frigid winter days we’ve been having- I have felt anything but energetic. When given the choice to brave the cold to go for a run or binge watch The Crown while snuggled under a comfy blanket, I dare say most people would probably opt for the latter. A dog, however, would give you a very different answer. They don’t care about what’s “trending” on Netflix and I’ve never met a dog that doesn’t love a snow day! Even if we’re not feeling it, it’s important to keep our pups active. That said, how do you know if your dog is getting enough exercise? Read on for three telltale signs.

Is Your Pup Overweight?

This is probably the easiest takeaway (duh.) Just like us, a sedentary lifestyle combined with an unhealthy diet, is a quick way to pack on the pounds. This is the easiest way to notice if your dog needs to do more exercise. Apart from increasing the number of daily walks and exercising, you may have to check on the kind of food your furry friend eats. Just like humans, when you combine a poor diet with a sedentary lifestyle, your dog is bound to gain weight.

Restless Dog Syndrome?

Okay, this isn’t technically a “thing," but you get the idea! If you’re noticing that your dog is finding it hard to catch some Zzzz’s at night, jumps for no apparent reason or seems to have an endless case of the “Zoomies”… your furry friend might be trying to tell you something. For some dogs, a daily walk is enough, but younger dogs and certain breeds need to let out that excess energy in the form of strenuous activity. I totally get that life is busy and taking your pup on multiple long walks a day may not be a luxury everyone can afford. My solution, of course, would be to contact Posh Pets to book daily walks for your friend! If that’s not an option or if that’s something you already do, I tell pet parents all the time that a quick play session can work wonders. Toss your pup a ball a few times as you walk to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee or indulge him in a spirited game of tug of war between Zoom calls. The point is to engage your dog in some type of physical activity even when a walk isn’t an option.

Sir Barks-A-Lot?

Does your four legged friend bark at everything it sees, driving you (and probably your neighbors) crazy? Just like “restless dog syndrome," excess barking could be a definite sign of boredom. In addition to increased exercise, mental stimulation is another way to help! Puzzle toys are a fun and simple way to keep your pup entertained. They enable your dog engage their problem solving skills and tire them out mentally.

Kong Wobblers are genius treat dispensing toys that make your dog work for their prize. I'm also a fan of filling a Kong with Kong Spray (peanut butter flavor is a crowd pleaser)and sticking it in the freezer. Once the spray has fully frozen into the Kong, you are pretty much guaranteed hours (or as long as it takes your pup to devour the frozen goodness.)

Final Thoughts Exercise is an integral component of your dog’s life. Not only does it improve their physical health, but it boosts their emotional and mental well-being too. If you have any questions, need advice or want to schedule some exercise for your furry friend, make sure to contact Posh Pets.


About the Author The daughter of an award-winning travel writer, Kimberly has followed in her mother’s footsteps and has had articles published in numerous publications. She got her first puppy from Santa Claus when she was four years old and has never known a life that didn’t include four-legged family members. An animal advocate, she has rescued pets, volunteered at shelters and has even been known to nurse an injured sparrow back to health. When she’s not busy running a successful pet care business and providing care to her four-legged customers, you can rest assured that she is pampering her 19-year-old kitty, Scout.

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