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Seven Purrfect Gifts for your Furry Friends

If you’re a pet lover, your furry friends are part of your family, and you want to make them feel that way. When us humans are exchanging thoughtful gifts during the holiday season, we may feel guilty that we can’t ask our pets what they want. Sure, a treat or bone is always a solid choice, but it would be nice to give them something sustainable that they’ll use and appreciate for months – or even years – to come. If you’re struggling with what to buy for your pet this coming holiday season, look no further: I’ve compiled a list of gifts that will have your pet feeling like a true part of your pedigree. Here are my top seven purrfect gifts for your furry friends!

For Your Feline Friend

This teaser wand is a colorful distraction for your cat that will keep them entertained for hours on end. Its lightweight nature makes it easy for the toymaster (you!) to wield and keep your feline friend on their toes by finding new, creative ways to move the wand around. It’s important to note that you should keep the toy out of sight or locked in a drawer when not in use, as its multi-colored appearance practically invites curious kitties to chew on it.

If your cat has been looking for a place to hide, look no further than this premium felt cat cave bed. Your pet will feel ultra-protected inside this dome-shaped, wool bed that fits kitties up to 20 pounds. And on hotter days, you can turn the whole thing upside down with the “cave” facing the ground so that your cat can sit on top of a padded mat. Your cat will love this bed’s versatility.

These cute toys are the perfect set for a kitty who loves catnip. Watch your cat play with a wide range of taco sauce “flavors” ranging from mild to extra hot. You and your cat will be entertained by the six different adorably–decorated catnip pouches. And for an add-on purchase, you can buy this hilarious cat sombrero to complete the ensemble.

For Your Perfect Pooch

This dog puzzle comes with a plush tree trunk and holes to hide 6 squeaky-toy squirrels in. It’s a perfect way to keep your dog entertained for hours and see their natural hunting instincts kick in. Use the squirrels for a game of fetch or simply place the trunk on the ground and watch as your dog goes “nuts.”

We all know how much dogs love to sniff. On walks, it’s hard to break them away from smelling their favorite patch of grass or shrubbery. Redirect your dog’s attention and put their nose and brain to work with this snuffle nosework dog mat. The variety of fabric textures and materials will intrigue your dog for hours. Just hide a treat (or more!) under the folds of fabric and watch as your dog releases their pent-up energy by exercising their natural foraging skills.

If you’re a dog owner, you probably are astounded by the speed at which your dog goes through a bag of treats. Wouldn’t it make your life – and your pup’s – so much easier if you didn’t have to trek to the store every time you’re running low? With this Barkbox Gift Subscription, get a monthly delivery of dog joy to your door. Each one-of-a-kind box includes two toys, two treat bags and a chew.

For Both of your Furry Friends

This unique pet pad captures your pet’s body heat and radiates it back to your cat or dog for a cozy self-warming bed. The mat is reversible, so you can flip it over to you or your pet’s desired color. This is perfect for older pets who deserve some luxury during their nap times, or for a younger cat or dog that you love to spoil. This gift will definitely warm your pet’s heart this holiday season!


About the Author An avid animal lover and accomplished writer, Erin has always felt at home with animals and is great with them. As a former Posh Pets team member, she always went the extra mile to ensure our four legged clients were well taken care of, pampered and cared for. Erin recently accepted a position in New York City and while we are saddened to no longer have her on the team, we're excited to have her as a guest blogger for Posh Pets.

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